A thing or 2 you can do with your old TEE

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I  commonly have those periods in my life, when i’m fascinated by my old stuff. I have this ability to see it in a completely different perspective. And somehow it’s like a “reincarnation” of an old stuff in a complete new look.Well i guess DIY projects are some kind of  a vice to me. Well some people smoke, and me- i just  like “altering” things.

OK, this Easter is way too rainy for my taste, so i was looking for an interesting D.I.Y project to accomplish.

And what is  more simple than a TEE…i assumped u had at least one favorite tee, which is somehow old fashioned, too mainstream, too long,  too ruined & etc., but still has a great print u want to wear. So now here is a way 4 you to wear it AGAIN…Oh, what a guilty pleasure…:))( way better than coloring the eggs& posting them on Instagram:D)

Here are my top…

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How To Make An Ankara Envelope Clutch

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For as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been into DIY projects. One task I hadn’t attempted yet was creation of a clutch from scratch. I stumbled upon the video above a few days ago, and used it as a blueprint to create my own. My clutch isn’t complete yet, but it’s coming along nicely. An upcoming post will demonstrate the process leading up to the final product.

Video courtesy of BatiqueUK

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News Flash: Tyler Perry’s “Madea’s Neighbors From Hell” (The Play) Coming to DVD

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Everyone’s favorite “Southern mama” reminds us why faith and family are so important in the hilarious new comedy Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Neighbors From Hell (The Play). Filled with inspiring gospel music, the newest stage play from blockbuster director, writer and producer Tyler Perry arrives on DVD (plus Digital Ultraviolet), Digital HD, Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View in April

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Gone Girl

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I still haven’t read the book. I have picked it up numerous times, but for osme reason have procrastinated reading it. i want to before the movie comes out.

I liked this trailer. I liked how they showed us what it was all about in a matter of one minute and thirty six seconds. :) And they did it without excessive dialogue delivery. Hehe.

So, I will definitely be watching it when it comes out.

It will hit theaters October 3, 2014…


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Dolly Parton Very Worried About Goddaughter Miley Cyrus: ‘She Told Me She Had To Murder Hannah Montana’

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Dolly Parton is very worried about her beloved goddaughter, Miley Cyrus .

“She told me she needed to ‘murder Hannah Montana‘,” the country music legend told the London Sun .

“I think she felt she had to make that severe a change. And she obviously did,” Parton continued.

“I’m hoping that she holds it in the road and doesn’t do so many things that are that bizarre. I don’t think the crowd would be so forgiving again if she did anything else that was really offensive. I don’t want it to overshadow her talent.”

PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Gets New Puppy After Death Of Beloved Dog

Parton also confessed she is “very worried” about the Wrecking Ball singer’s attitude towards drugs. Cyrus has been very open about her use of marijuana  which she called “the best drug on earth” in an interview last year.

Parton didn’t address the most recent…

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Whoa: Man Hides 10-Inch Gun WHERE???

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Michael Leon Ward

Folks in North Carolina are still trying to figure out how a suspect managed to sneak a 10-inch gun into prison by hiding it in his azz!

One day later, officers confiscated the .38 revolver from the jail cell of Michael Leon Ward, a statement from the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office explains. They’d performed a strip search on Ward and even required that he “squat and cough” to see if he held any contraband, but nothing turned up or out….ewwww!

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He was initially arrested because police allegedly found drugs and related paraphernalia during a traffic stop.

Jailhouse guards discovered the handgun in the toilet after other inmates reported Ward.

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Man who avoided prison is overwhelmed by support

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This undated photo provided by the Missouri Department of Corrections shows Cornealious Anderson. Anderson was convicted of armed robbery in 2000, sentenced to 13 years in jail and told to await instruction on when to report to prison. (AP Photo/Missouri Department of Corrections)

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A Missouri man who avoided prison because of a clerical error and led a law-abiding life for 13 years said he is overwhelmed by the support he?s received since the story of his incarceration became public.
Meanwhile, the Missouri attorney general signaled that he would look for a way to take Cornealious ?Mike? Anderson?s many years of clean living into account in attempting to resolve the ?difficult situation.?

Anderson, who was convicted in 2000 of armed robbery for holding up a restaurant manager in suburban St. Louis, said he?s been cheered by inmates and guards at the Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, Mo…

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