BLB Cosmetics

Bag Lady Boutique presents NYX Professional Cosmetics. If you are seeking a soft day look, a dramatic evening look or even an extreme Rulook(RuPaul’s Drag Race) you can achieve any of these features with NYX Cosmetics.

We are currently working on our business merchant website. Please check back soon, but in the meanwhile if you are interested in prices to purchase any of our products please contact us with description of item and we will provide you with our Bigcartel account information so that you can purchase any item of your choice.

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  1. I love the colors. Do your boutique do make up. I mean can you come in to get your face made up beautifully.

  2. I need sum lashes… Da only problem they want stay on but #1 day. Any suggestionz.. Love your page… I will come back to see what you have to offer. Have a Great Night. MB :)

    • It really depends which lashes you are referring to, individuals or strip. What type of adnesive and how much and where are they being placed.

      • I really do not know what kind but I would go to a hair store and they range from #1 to $4 dollars. I have tried the eyelash glue and bonding glue for weave. I think because my eyez are so smaill and my skin is oily. I have tried everything accessible to me. I try to put them right above my lash on my lash. lol lol maybe on the side of my forehead… :) It aint working. Da last part was a joke.. lol. Anywayz let me know. You have a great day. :) MB

    • I have problems with lashes too… I pay all that money for them to start falling off one by one. Or when i get the strip it starts to peel at the edges. I think my eyes water too much when I have them on…

  3. Mwuuhaha!! Loved the Darkshadows Makeup video!!!

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