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Editor Note: The ebook, How to Find Ebook Writing and Editing Jobs, was released yesterday. Now to today\’s post . . . One of the reasons I write this blog i

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How To Put A Headshot And Resume Together For Auditions

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How To Put A Headshot And Resume Together For Auditions

“How I See It” Full Episode Transcript

Nicole Headshot

My headshot!

Hi, everyone! My name is Nicole Pryor and you are watching, How I See It.

This episode is all about putting together a headshot and resume for auditions. You will print your headshot with your name at the bottom on white glossy cardstock and cut it out to 8 inches x 10 inches. You will then print your resume on regular paper and also cut it to 8 inches x 10 inches. You will then staple the headshot and resume back to back at all four corners. It is that simple. Watch the video to see how easy it is! | | | | |

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Little Known Black History Fact: Wealth of African Americans

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According to the Institute for Policy Studies, the wealth of the Forbes 400 billionaires is equal to the wealth of the entire African American population. There are currently 41 million blacks in America.  After the economic crises in 2008, wealth, specifically in African American households, declined dramatically.  According to the research, the amount of billionaires that would fit “in a high school gym” equals to the entire number of black households – about 14 million.

On the list of billionaires includes only one African American woman: Oprah Winfrey. Winfrey holds a net worth of $2.9 billion. She is one of six other black billionaires all over the world.

The numbers are also supported by the homeownership percentages for African Americans. 43.1 percent of blacks are homeowners while white homeownership is at 73.3% and Latino at 47.6%. According to the study, African Americans make up 13 percent of the…

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10 Questions Unemployed Post Grads Hate Answering

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Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 5.58.35 PM

Hi, my name is Katie. I’m also (technically) unemployed. This is true. I am working part time here and there. I also nanny occasionally, but technically, I am unemployed. And since this is case, you can guess how much I just love talking about it–with my parents, with my boyfriend, with my boyfriend’s parents, etc. It’s awkward and embarrassing and yes, I get to wear sweatpants on most days, but I wish I was in some business casual gear!

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Ced The Entertainer To Host Barbershop Competition

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The CW has pick up a barbershop competition series hosted by the comedian, who starred alongside Ice Cube, Eve and Michael Ealy in the 2002 and 2004 “Barbershop” films.

“Barber Battle” will venture to different barbershops across the country in each of the 10 episodes.


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4 Lessons for Success from Millionaire Entrepreneurs

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For many of us, we always read the successful stories about entrepreneurs and their companies. They are filled with great anecdotes about their path to making money, growing their businesses and achieving successes. Sometimes it almost sounds kind of easy but what are not usually included in these narratives, are the bumps in the road faced by this group.

It can be a tough journey for an entrepreneur as the outlook may not be so good but according to Harvard researchers, persistence will pay off in entrepreneurship.

For a first-time entrepreneur, he will have an 18 percent chance to succeed while that entrepreneur who has failed before but is trying again, has a 20 percent chance of success.

Yes, everyone has faced failure one time or another and at the October Chicago Ideas Week, a weeklong forum bringing together world-renowned thought leaders…

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4 Things You Can Do To Reset Yourself Financially [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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It’s a new year and no better time to get your finances in order. Dr. Deena Carr joined today’s Tapping Into Your Fortune on ”The James Fortune Show” to help listeners get on the right track.  Listen to the audio player to hear Dr. Carr explain four things you can do to reset yourself financially today. 

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Michelle Obama to Headline DNC Fundraiser at Home of Phil Rosenthal

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First Lady Michelle Obama is returning to Los Angeles later this month to raise money for the Democratic National Committee.

The first lady will appear at a Jan. 29 evening event at the home of producer-writer Phil Rosenthal and his wife, Monica Horan, with tickets starting at $1,000 per person.

An event had been scheduled at their home in October, but it was canceled because of the government shutdown.

The fundraiser includes a “co-chair clutch,” in which a smaller group of donors meets with the first lady, with tickets set at $32,400 per person, according to the invite. Tickets are $2,500 for a photo line and reception for up to two people, $4,000 for a photo line and reception for up to four family members, and $10,000 per person for the reception, photo line and a discussion.

In November, President Obama trekked to Los Angeles to speak to employees at…

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President Obama Presses Congress To Extend Unemployment Benefits

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In a speech on Tuesday from the White House, President Barack Obama urged Congress to come together in a bipartisan effort to extend emergency unemployment insurance to out of work Americans. Stressing the loss of benefits and its detrimental effect on the U.S. economy, the President’s measured approach was replete with direct shots at congressional leaders and their haggling over this issue.

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Speaking from the East Room and flanked by individuals who have suffered a loss of their Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits last last month, President Obama highlighted some of his administration’s accomplishments regarding the slowly strengthening economy. However, the tone changed drastically when the speech’s aims focused on the topic of extending unemployment benefits.

From the President’s speech:

Now, I’ve heard the argument that says extending unemployment insurance will somehow hurt the unemployed because it zaps their…

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