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Party Inspiration: UnExpected and Crafty Ways to Decorate

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In my book every day of the year is a great day for a party.  And when it comes to party decor, I’m always on the hunt for unique and creative ideas to add to my party planning file.  On a recent Pinterest binge I came across a few images that were not only beautiful but that spoke to my creativity.  These tablescapes look sophisticated and elaborate but it is the details that make them great.  Details that can be achieved with a little creativity.

Six Crafty Ways to Style Your Next Party Table by ConfettiStyle

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What Do You Do when Your Man Isn’t Satisfied in the Bedroom?

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black-couple-bedFirst, how is he defining “good sex”? Perhaps he is not that experienced, because then he should know that good sex doesn’t necessarily mean mind blowing simultaneous orgasms all the time as we see in movies, but can also be about emotional connection or heightened sexual arousal without orgasm too. And guess what-that can be good too!

 It is true that people’s sexual styles are not always compatible. But this is where communication can come in really handy! It is important to communicate with your partner about what it is you like and what feels good and pleasurable. If he was not giving you direction, then that was his first problem. Each individual is turned on and enjoys something different. If he didn’t think you were all that in the sack, he has to consider what he was giving you to work with! You are not a mind reader

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Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday

Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday

News Flash Bag Lady Boutique

Candleberry Scented Candles

Bag Lady Boutique has a wonderful collection of Candleberry scented candles and home fragrances. We have a variety of highly scented sugar and spice fragrances that will fill your home with a delectable aroma. You have the choice of 10oz. SoyPine Crackling Wick, Room Sprays, 10oz. Small Jars, Simmering Cake Tarts and Tart Warmers.

BLB Bridal Shower Gifts

Bag Lady Boutique caters to today’s women for all your sexy bridal needs. Whether you are going to be a bride, looking for a gift for the bride or simply looking for romantic lingerie for yourself, you can find it here. We sell a variety of top brands from Dreamgirl, Coquette, Forplay and many others at very affordable prices. If you are arranging to host a bridal shower, bachelorette or lingerie party we can assist you with the planning for a fun enjoyable evening. Call us for a free consultation. We also carry Candleberry candles and home fragrances that present a wonderful aroma to set the mood for any occasion.

Have to do some catching up with my blogs

Hey guys, I have been so busy with the opening of Bag Lady Boutique this week. I love blogging and was feeling a little guilty for not submitting much this week. I have been trying to keep up by reblogging (too tired). Starting a new business in a weak economy is extremely hard work because you have to commit more time into it. Also, I have been working on my other business site. I wish that I could be a Jeannie in a bottle bout now. Any hoot, hope I can come up with some interesting stuff for your entertainment. I try to stray away from the negative news, there is enough of that going around. But, I do have one thing to address, what in the heck is going on with this cannibalism. No need to reply, let’s not entertain this matter, just be safe out there.


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