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WATCH: Poet Speaks Truth On Arsenio Hall Show

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While watching the Arsenio Show one evening I saw a poet by the name of Prentice Powell. He performed a piece entitled “The System”. I must say this man is very expressive and articulate. He makes some thought- provoking points in his piece. Watch and enjoy below!

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Maya Angelou’s Poem For Nelson Mandela! [VIDEO]

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Below is one of the many tributes made for Mr. Nelson Mandela, since his passing on Thursday.

See tribute by Maya Angelou:

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Source: NPR


Photo Credit: NewsOne

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Can The Arts Save Our Students?


Freedom of creative expression has always been the greatest form of therapy. Since arts and physical activity ahs been taken from the school system our children have become bored, restless, and resentful. This is why the dropout rate and crime is so high.

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Savoy Elementary is one of eight in the country earmarked by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities as a “turnaround” school one in dire need of help. For three years, each of the eight is “adopted” by a well-known artist (in Savoy’s case, the actress Kerry Washington) and receives a tremendous funding boost to institute arts and other programs ($14.7 million for the eight).

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The Gift

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It can be the hardest
It is often the toughest
It can also be the best gift
To give others
And oneself

It is a gift worth giving
A gift worth receiving
Time and time again

It is the gift to give
It is the gift to have

It is the gift to choose

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Saturday Morning

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Saturday morning

Raining slightly
Music playing
Bodies touching

Reading books
Sipping sweet wine
Watching French films
Loving every minute
Saturday morning

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The Poison- Friday Fictioneers 6/28

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Every Wednesday visitMadison Wood’ssite to see the picture prompt for the week’s 100-word writing challenge. Write a 100-word story or poem that’s inspired by the picture. Post the writing on your blog. On Friday post a link to your blog entry in the comments section of her Friday Fictioneers post.

This week I must say I am not sure at all about what I am posting…I came up with a short story, and a poem. Each one is under 100 words…something about this week’s picture screams “appearance can be deceiving to me.” Please feel free to critique and let me know your honest opinions :). Thanks as always!!!


I wanted a piece so badly, after days of wandering about the forest aimlessly…I was hungry and thirsty. I spotted the berries amongsts the trees. I didn’t care if they were poisonous or safe, I wanted some…I had…

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Red Lips

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At 13, her lips were full and scarlet red. The perfect lips for her angelic face, even mother thought on several occasions that she had red lipsticks on…but not her, her lips were natural, no enhancements, and no make ups.

If only she had known that a lifetime of kissing and making out with frogs who could never be princes would leave her lips busted, pale and bruised, Angelina would have kept her lips to herself.

Now it’s too late for her red and full lips were now thin and dark. Darker than a chain smoker’s lips.

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Of Gratitude, Awards, WordPress, And A Random Poem

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They say time flies…and it is absolutely true. It seems like just yesterday I was writing my post for the 1st of June, and now June has come to an end. Thank God!

What an amazing journey this continues to be, an amazing journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and improvement. I am no doubt glad that I succumbed to my inner being and started blogging.

Thank you all so much again for the continued support, likes, critiques, comments, follows, retweets, referrals and just general show of love. I am humbled, overwhelmed, and remain deeply grateful. I often tell myself if the real world was like wordpress, what a better world we would be living in.

Over the past weeks, I have been given some awards but let it linger too long and forgot to acknowledge them on my blog. I apologize to all who gave them to me- David,

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