Is the Free Promotion On Facebook Coming To An End?

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Facebook logo 2010 Darn that old adage “all good things must come to an end.” One of the many appeals of Facebook is the ability for people to promote and market their goods and services for free to “all” of their followers. I mean, if you have a few thousand, or even a few hundred, followers it only makes sense to post info on your business/event and inform all of your “likers” in one shot. Well, the people at Facebook have found a way to reduce your “visibility” and if you want an  increase you will have to pay for it. To read the complete story CLICK HERE.

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Money habits: Get an accountability partner

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April is Financial Literacy Month

Day 15, get an accountability partner. It’s time to get someone that’s in your corner and want to see you succeed. Whether you believe it or not, you’ve always had an accountability partner.

Let’s reflect to a time when you were a young child. You just came home from school, grabbed a snack and turned on the television. At that moment, your mother enters the room and asks about your homework. Due to the hesitation in your voice she knew that you had an assignment or two. Immediately, the television was turned off and you’re in the books. Of course, she reminds you that if you want to accomplish your plans on the weekend you must complete all your assignments.

Throughout the next hour she routinely checks in to see if you have any questions or need assistance.

Somehow along the way to adulthood, we…

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It’s Not Business, It’s Personal: 4 Ways To Get Your Life Together With A Plan

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woman-planning Most successful professionals have, at one point in time, made a plan or list of goals that they would like to fulfill during their career tenure. It may include a business plan for an entrepreneur or a map of promotions that they would like to receive while matriculating up the ranks within their company.

Must Read: 4 Tips For Building A Bangin’ Website For Your Personal Brand

Though we tend to spend an exorbitant amount of time focused on our careers and making plans specific to obtaining success, we must ask ourselves if we allocate the same amount of time towards our personal goals as well, where could we be? I have friends who are VPs and Junior Partners on their jobs, and I also have friends who are building their own businesses. No matter the route they have taken, just about all of them have put their careers before…

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Man suspected of killing 3 at two Jewish facilities charged with murder

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(CNN) — A man suspected of killing three people at two Jewish-affiliated facilities in Kansas has been charged with one count of capital murder and one count of first-degree premeditated murder, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Police say Frazier Glenn Cross is the suspect in Sunday’s shooting death of a boy and his grandfather outside a Jewish community center near Kansas City, Kansas, and then a woman at a nearby Jewish assisted living facility.

The capital murder count is connected to the deaths of William Lewis Corporon and Reat Griffin Underwood, said Steve Howe, district attorney for Johnson County. The premeditated murder count is linked to the death of Terri LaManno, he said.

Hate crime charges are possible, as police investigators say they have “unquestionably determined” that his actions were a hate crime, Overland Park Police Chief John Douglass said.

But no hate crime charges were announced Tuesday.

U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom…

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Dinner for less than $1

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Who said vegetarians don’t eat? I always get the question, “Do you just eat salads?” Although salads are great, we eat a variety of food. Recently, I planned a meal as I often do and decided to share with each of you.
Credit: Bahiyah Shabazz

Credit: Bahiyah Shabazz

Grean beans $0.77 per lb, 16 oz dry beans $1.35 bag, stewed tomatoes $0.79 (store brand) can, jiffy $0.50 box, brown rice $1.95 box (store brand). We ate for two days (that’s six plates) at $0.90 PER PLATE.

My husband (yes, he eats poultry & fish) had two turkey drums for $6.00 so his plates were actually $3.90 each. Either way, this is a hearty meal that’s cooked with love and we didn’t have to wait at a restaurant, spend nearly $30, and wonder if the beans were seasoned with meat. On top of the deal, we have beans leftover.

Now that’s planning a frugal…

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Diddy to Deliver Howard U. Commencement Speech, Get Honorary Degree

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Sean “Diddy” Comb s has been chosen to deliver the commencement address at his old stomping grounds, Howard University.

The HBCU in the Nation’s Capital announced Tuesday that Diddy will also be among five people to receive honorary degrees as trailblazers in their fields. The Bad Boy founder, a student at the school in the late 1980s, will receive an honorary doctorate in the humanities. The honor has sparked controversy as Combs didn’t graduate, but Howard President Wayne Frederick says Combs’ entrepreneurial spirit was sparked at the school.

The university also will honor CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, transplant surgeon Clive Callender, jazz legend Benny Golson and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi.

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You Probably Don’t Want To Know What’s Actually In Public School Chicken Nuggets

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chic nugget Say What! As a south side kid that attended public school during the crazy 80′s lunchtime was hit or miss. It was more likely to miss if you attended a school that had open campus (students who went off campus for lunch). Juts about every school has  or still does have a version of mystery meat. Well not so much anymore with The First Lady pushing for healthier alternatives in the schools. However lunch time is a crap shoot for students who aren’t lucky enough to have parents that can prepare lunch at home.

Turns out the chicken nuggets being served in one of the nation’s largest public school districts don’t contain much actual chicken at all.

Earlier this month, Chicago-based WBEZ food reporter Monica Eng reported that her attempt — made via a Freedom of Information Act request — to retrieve an ingredient list for the chicken nuggets served…

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