Leah Daniels-Butler Will Be Casting For A Role In Michael Baisden’s Play At The 2014 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion!

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Leah Daniels-Butler will be at the 2014 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion!

Package holders will have opportunity to audition with her for a role in Michael Baisden’s “Men Cry In The Dark” Part 2 stage play.

“Come with a headshot or a resume. If you don’t have a current photo we’ll have a photographer with us. They’ll need to prepare a 30 second song and read a scene that we’ll have for you,” she says.

For more details, see below:


*   Auditions are open for registration now to Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion Package Holders
*   Family Reunion is the first stop for casting Men Cry In The Dark II – National Stage Play Tour
*   Auditions are for men and women ages 21 and up
*   Government issued ID will be required to audition
*   Vocalists are welcomed!…

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T.I.’s ‘Road To Redemption’ Costs Viacom Over Dead Body Lawsuit

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The appearance of a dead body on T.I.’s MTV reality show T.I’s Road to Redemption is at the heart of a legal situation involving Viacom and its insurer, AXIS Insurance Company.

In its complaint, which was obtained by the Hollywood Reporter, Viacom details how it spent millions of dollars after Road to Redemption showed the body of Joseph Williams during the show’s premiere episode, titled “You Are Responsible for Your Own Actions.”

Road to Redemption centers around T.I. (born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.) as he awaited sentencing on weapons possession charges and spent time counseling youth against a life of crime. The premiere episode featured the rapper visiting the funeral home where he saw the body of Williams, who was labeled a “hustler” whose parents don’t know how he died.

Williams’s family ultimately sued amid claims of invasion of privacy and negligent misrepresentations about the decedent. Despite Williams’ face…

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Seven Tuskegee University Students Stuck In Liberia After Ebola Scare

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According to Tuskegee University, seven students went to Liberia to help serve as mentors at an African American Methodist Episcopal bridge program, but since the Ebola virus has become a national scare, British Airways has cancelled all flights flying to and from the country.


A Change.org petition has been started to bring the  students back to the states.

It reads:

This petition has been written from the concerns of the Tuskegee Students. As of August 5th, British Airways has officially cancelled all flights flying to and from Liberia until August 31st. There are 6 Tuskegee University students stranded in Monrovia, Liberia that need to be brought home. Amongst them are graduating seniors and scholars. The extremely deadly Ebola outbreak is presently occurring in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. This set back has hindered their studies towards their missionary work, which is the primary purpose of their trip. Forcing these students to…

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Did Floyd Mayweather Put His Mexican Girlfriend in Blackface for Photo Shoot? [LOOK]

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Uh oh.

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has started something.

The boxing pro has found love in again, and this time it’s in the form of Bad Medina.


We have no clue how long the two have been together, but according to Floyd, the blonde beauty has been in his life for at least five years.

So what does one do for their girlfriend who just so happens to have model-esque looks? You style her for a photo shoot of course!

Mayweather tried his hand at styling Medina — who is of Mexican heritage — in what looks to be blackface.

In the photo below she’s much darker and is sporting an Afro.

BadMedinaIGSo what do you think? Creative styling or is this out of line?

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REGISTER NOW for the 2014 Allstate Tom Joyner Family Reunion taking place August…

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DAMAGED: Danity Kane Brawls In The Studio!

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There was not enough lemonade in the world to keep Dawn Richard from popping off on Aubrey O’Day last night.

The Danity Kane reunion was nice while it lasted. After just a few months back together, it seems the ladies are no longer playing nice with each other.

TMZ.com reports that Dawn and Aubrey got into a nasty fight during a recording session on Monday. There’s no word on what sparked the altercation, but it must have been serious because Dawn punched Aubrey in the head.

The third member of DK, Shannon Bex, tried to hop in the middle to break up and failed. There’s no word if she sustained any injuries in the brawl at this time, but there’s word that someone needed a first aid kit.

Aubrey ultimately delivered the biggest blow by filing a battery report against Dawn, and authorities are currently investigating the situation. Dawn…

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NeYo Set To Perform at the 2014 Neighborhood Awards [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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Mutli-talented artist NeYo was recently on the Steve Harvey morning show talking about his 6th studio album,”Non Fiction which is set to be released on 11/11.  Neyo will also perform at the 2014 Neighborhood Awards August 9 at Philips Arena.

Listen to exclusive interview with NeYo below:

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Surf’s Up!: 13 Flicks of Angela Simmons Flaunting Her Bikini Body

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5 Things You Should Know About the Ebola Virus

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The Ebola virus has arrived in America. Two aid workers who worked with patients in Liberia have been infected with the virus and are now being treated at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

The deadly virus that has spread throughout West Africa has killed 900 people thus far.

Here are five things you should know about the Ebola virus.

The disease is transmitted several ways

Humans can become infected by coming in contact with the blood, saliva, mucus or secretion of an infected person. The disease is often spread at health care facilities when doctors do not wear protective eyewear or by reusing contaminated needles.

There is no cure

There is no cure, but patients can be treated for the disease with the hopes that their health will get better. By giving patient support, doctors will give infected patients intravenous fluids, pain relievers and monitor their oxygen.

These are the…

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Bootleg Reality Review: “Married To Medicine” Secrets Revealed! [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

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Mariah Huq speaking into a microphone

It was a crazy, craaazy season of “Married to Medicine,” but it gets even better! According to  Simcee, some shocking secrets were revealed about some of the reality wives and doctors. Listen to the latest  Bootleg Reality Review in the audio player to hear some things you probably never knew!

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6 Reasons To Try A Circuit Workout

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During a book signing, a woman asked “ Do you workout everyday?” “No,” I responded. “As a father of two young boys and grandfather of one girl, I don’t have the time to work out everyday. I only workout three times per week. I do circuits.”

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A circuit consists of two or more exercises done back-to-back with little rest between each exercise. Here are six reasons why you should try a circuit:

  • It’s an efficient, time-saving workout
  • Unveils six-pack abs by lowering total body weight
  • Tones muscles
  • Builds upper and lower body
  • Torches calories
  • Burns fat


To get you started, try this upper/lower body circuit workout:

  • Do 4 push-ups ( female or male version)
  •  Take a 30-60 second active rest
  • Do 4 body weight squats
  • Take a 30-60 second active rest


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