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Are You Addicted To Crack Cocaine?: Lamar Odom Hounded At Taco Bell

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The power of the Kardashian name brings unprecedented levels of popularity (unless your Rob Kardashian, no one cares about him). Apparently you can’t even go to Taco Bell without being hounded because no one would care about Lamar Odom’s drug addiction otherwise. The former NBA star, who is in the midst of falling from grace, went out to grab some fast food and the paparazzi were on-site to ask him the question of the hour, “Are you addicted to crack cocaine?”

Odom was so thrown off by the rude and abrasive inquiry, he couldn’t think straight or finish his order for that matter. Recent reports exposed Odom’s alleged drug addiction and that he was kicked out the house because of it. However, according to TMZ, Khloe isn’t checking for divorce or just going to allow her husband to die. She’s step up and attempting…

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Dwight Howard Buys Breakfast for Entire Houston Restaurant! [LISTEN]

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Dwight Howard won over some new fans in Houston this morning after he bought breakfast for everyone at one famous Houston restaurant. Dwight must know the way to the hearts of many is through their stomach!

NEWS 92 FM’s Craig Roberts spoke to The Breakfast Klub owner Marcus Davis about this morning’s visit.

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Read any good books lately

phil jackson

I got a chance to see Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday today. Guess who was on there, you give up- Legendary Phil Jackson. If you are a basketball fan then you know who that is. I’m no fan of basketball but because I live in the same house with a sports fanatic I have an opportunity to get to know who some of the guys are in sports. Any hoot the one thing that stood out most of this interview was that I learned that his coaching style consisted of his team practicing meditation. Could you imagine a group of 6-7′ guys all huddled around the floor with their legs crossed humming? I can’t imagine it either but I thought that was great for him to share this with his team and they actually participated. If you haven’t had the chance to catch the interview you can get a glimpse of it on Oprah’s website http://www.oprah.com/own-supersoulsunday/blogs/Phil-Jacksons-Religious-Upbringing

Along with this information I want to share with you guys that Phil Jackson has a book, The Last Season: A Team in Search of Its Soul. Happy Fathers Day

Dr. J Highlights mix

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If you think LeBron is something special or you really believe that Michael Jordan was the greatest player ever, hold those thoughts and check out this Juluis Erving aka Dr.J then you know why I have always said before LeBron and Michael there was Dr.J

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63 Year Old Dr. J Can Still Dunk: Julius Erving Documentary Reveals He Still Has It (VIDEO)


A man that has made basketball great!

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Father Time may be undefeated. But he just got dunked on by Dr. J.

At 63 years old, NBA icon Julius Erving can still get up and throw down. While he may not still have the hangtime that made him arguably the most captivating basketball player of all time, Erving showed that he can still dunk in the documentary “The Doctor,” which debuted on NBA TV earlier this week.

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While you’re waiting to watch the next airing of the must-see doc, here are a few of Erving’s signature highlights to tide you over:

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J.R. Smith ‘Tries To Give The Pipe’ To High School Student


I gues he got caught up on the PYT, Pretty Young Thing.

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New York Knick J.R. Smith got a little to generous in his direct messages on Twitter.

Before the Knicks went to play the Philadelphia 76ers last month, he tried to pick up a girl online who is a high school senior. Whoever busted him was on it like Chris Hansen from Dateline.

Check out the screenshot of the convo.


(via Deadspin.com)

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If athletes were smart they would settle down with one woman, put their checks in the bank, find good investments and retire happily married.

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2004 World Music Awards - After Party

When you’re an athlete there are tons of issues eating away at your funds.

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Carmelo Anthony – Playing For The City That Made Me: Ep. 2

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“You can be made here, or you can be broken,” here says Nas in the second part of Carmelo Anthony’s Playing For The City That Made Me documentary.



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Sex Matters: WNBA Struggle Salaries Compared To NBA Ballers “The Guy Who Works Concessions Makes More Then Them”


This just goes to show that women still have a long way to go in this industry. I guess if they were half naked they would sell out and get paid more, smh.

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WNBA players might work just as hard as their NBA counterparts but you wouldn’t know that by looking at their paychecks…

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