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Race Matters: West Virginia Family Gives Inside Look Into Their KKK Loving Lifestyle, Start Training For Racial Civil War

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Further proof that white people crazy…

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Clap Back: Gay Artist Responds To Racist “Fashion” Pic With Photo Of Fully Undressed Black Man Atop White Man!!!

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Warren Buffett vs. Jay Z

act on our dreams and our desires…

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“The first time we take that first fearless step, we begin to change our lives. And the more we act on our dreams and our desires, the more fearless we become and the easier it is the next time.” – Arianna Huffington

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Could You Live In 1986, Again?


Life was much simpler then, yes.

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Could you live without your cell phone, cable, your computer, your laptop, all the commodities lives presents now days, maybe even your favorite show? Well, a Canadian family is doing just that … they are living in 1986!

From fashion to cartoons, the McMillan family only uses those inventions that were around in 1986. Anything else… it is off-limits.

Brian McMillan and his family have decided that at least for one year they will raise their children just as they grew up. No computers, no Facebook, Twitter, smartphones, etc. McMillan said the idea came to him one night when he and his girlfriend were in front of television each glued to their phone, not speaking to each other because they were so consumed with their phones, and they decided he did not want to raise his kids like that, he wanted them to have imagination, creativity, and have one-on-one talks…

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13 Things You Should Do To Live Life Without Regrets

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A study was performed on elderly individuals a few years back.  The study showed that there are many people who regret the things they didn’t have the courage to do, but only a few who had regrets about the things that they did.

Taking this study into consideration, let’s assume that tomorrow is the last day of your life. Would you have any regrets regarding the things you did or did not do?

What I want to point out through this mental exercise is that you should review your life in advance – before it’s too late and you start having regrets.  If you are not exactly sure how to do that, then here is a list that could help you turn things around so you will live a life free of regrets. I would also love to know which of these 13 things you found the most challenging.


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4 Reasons Why You Are Still Broke

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black woman payin billsYou have worked too hard— getting your (numerous) degrees, navigating Cubicle America, and building your brand to be broke. “Being as broke as a joke”, though, seems to be a recurring theme among black women, who, for all intents and purposes, with the exception of their financial lives, embody intelligence, progressive thinking, resourcefulness, and discipline.

But in order to live a full life, you have to first gain insight into why you are still broke. Here are four reasons why a woman as fabulous as you, is still broke:

1.You are broke because you have yet to establish financial boundaries.

How do you feel when someone gets too close—all in your personal body space—when you are in a restaurant, store, or on public transportation? You probably feel like they need to back up because they are making you uncomfortable. Right? Well, the same thing applies to your money. When someone…

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MUST HEAR! Can You Live Debt Free? Can You Erase Your Current Debts? Attorney Georgette Miller Told Amos & Listeners How

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Georgette Miller

Georgette Miller

miller bookIs it possible to relieve yourself of your crushing debts? Car. Credit Cards. Mortgage. Medical.  Attorney and author Georgette Miller says you can.  In a powerful interview with Amos, Miller told Afternoons with Amos listeners to get over the alleged “stigma” of bankruptcy.  Instead do what businesses like American Airlines, Tribune, Donald Trump and other big businesses do.  They go through bankruptcy and emerge with a clean start.  Georgette Miller says you can do the same.  It’s a provocative interview you MUST hear.  She shares secrets from her current best selling book Living Debt FreeClick the Arrow to Hear Georgette Miller share her Tips for Living Debt Free. Runs 33 Minutes ©2013 WTLC/Radio One.

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What Is DC’s Best Party Spot? [POLL]

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DC has some of the best party spots. With an endless amount of clubs lounges and bars, the nightlife here is never dull. With so many options, how do you choose?

Where do you spend your party nights in DC?

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