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Really? Lamar “Light It Up” Odom Feels He Is Not To Blame For “Shattering” Khloe

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Lamar, a husband who smokes rocks and dirty dogs at the same time is a lot to deal with.

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Dwayne Wade Proposes to Gabrielle Union

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According to The305.com,

They officially went public in 2010, but they were unofficially an item in 2007-2008 or so. Dwyane Wade (31) just proposed to longtime girlfriend Gabrielle Union (41) and they both posted the photo of the ring on their respective Instagram accounts confirming that she accepted the proposal moments ago.

Gabrielle said “sooooo this happened” and Dwyane said “she said yes”.

So, its official. Congrats to the happy couple.

Dwyane has two sons from his previous marriage, and Gabrielle has stated that she’s ready to have kids of her own.

Congratulations to D-Wade & Gabby!

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Khloe Kardashian: Divorce Is “Torture to My Soul”

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Khloe Kardashian has broken her silence on filing for divorce from Lamar Odom via Twitter, naturally. On Wednesday, she wrote on Twitter:

E Online reported that the “rumors“ the reality star is referring to are likely those that she’s swiftly moved on from Odom to baseball star Matt Kemp. Khloe also displayed her flair for melodrama this week by stepping out in a sweatshirt emblazoned, “Nothing was the same.” I bet she’s been doing a lot of “drake-ing and driving” lately because everyone knows Drake speaks directly to a broken heart. I hope Khloe finds herself a good man in the year 2014!

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Under The Influence: Lamar Odom Blames Khloe For “Bringing Out His Bad Side”!


How did he screw this one up. Didn’t he realize that he wouldn’t have to ever work again if he got cut from his basketball career. The Kardashians are a gold mine. Everyone thinks Kanye is crazy, but he knows how to generate wealth. Hook up with money pimping Kris Jenner

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom out and about after Lamar's vehicle was in an accident with a motorcyclist and a 15 year old boy


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Lamar Odom Claims He Was Drunk In Embarrassing Rap Video, Not High On Drugs

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lamar odom

Lamar Odom basically confirmed to the world the he does have a problem with this new freestyle video that hit the web yesterday. In the three-minute clip, he raps off-beat with his fellow shirtless friend Jamie Sangouthai about cheating on his wife Khloe Kardashian and making money without the NBA.

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“And when Khloe’s out of town / I still be on the DL,” he spits. His friend adds, “You know what it is / We the QU [Queens] pimps / Ask any of these shorties / We ran through their cribs.”

Well, the rumored crack cocaine addict is insisting that no drugs were involved in the making of that video — just alcohol. According to TMZ, who originally published the embarrassing clip, “Lamar says it was a one…

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NBA | Carmelo Anthony Wants Out of New York

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In a recent interview with NY Observer, Knicks star Carmelo Anthony stated he wanted out of New York and wants to become a free agent.

“I want to be  free agent. I think everybody in the NBA dreams to be a free agent at least one time in their career. It’s like you  have an evaluation period, you know.”

Anthony has 2 years left in his contract with the Knicks worth $23.3M.  However, according to reports, he will make more money re-signing with the Knicks than with another team.

Knicks president said last month that he has “every intentions” of keeping Anthony.

Besides that interview, Anthony has not stated anything publically about opting out.

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Right now this man would be better off getting back with his child/ren mother

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The Allen Iverson child support woes continue as his ex-wife is seeking the rest of the money for their children.

Tawanna Iverson filed documents earlier this month asking a judge to order Iverson to pay up front child support for their children until 2026 when their youngest child turns 18. The total comes out to just over $1.2 million, according to TMZ.

Tawanna has notoriously had to take Allen to court over child support issues in just the last year. When they divorced, he was order to pay $8,000 per month but refused to do so. After going back and forth yet again, a judge ordered Allen to pay $40,000 in back support.

Basically, she’s trying to be proactive in all the Allen Iverson child support drama.

No word on how the judge will rule yet but clearly, Tawanna thinks she will have to continue to fight him in court to…

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Khloe: Get Help Or Get Out!

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Khloe Kardashian's Weight Still Her "Biggest Struggle" (thumbnail) In the seemingly neverending saga of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom marriage, she has allegedly issued an  unltimatum to Lamar. In light of the rumors of his drug addiction, and his DUI arrest last Friday (8/30), she it seems,  has had enough. However, as bad as her marriage looks right now, she’s looking better than she ever has. Take a look at photos she posted on Instagram the day of Odom’s arrest here. Does she look worried? For his own health’s sake, I hope Lamar addresses his issues…but Khloe looks like she’ll be just fine if he doesn’t.

                                                                           Get some help Lamar, you WILL regret it if you don’t.

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Are You Addicted To Crack Cocaine?: Lamar Odom Hounded At Taco Bell

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The power of the Kardashian name brings unprecedented levels of popularity (unless your Rob Kardashian, no one cares about him). Apparently you can’t even go to Taco Bell without being hounded because no one would care about Lamar Odom’s drug addiction otherwise. The former NBA star, who is in the midst of falling from grace, went out to grab some fast food and the paparazzi were on-site to ask him the question of the hour, “Are you addicted to crack cocaine?”

Odom was so thrown off by the rude and abrasive inquiry, he couldn’t think straight or finish his order for that matter. Recent reports exposed Odom’s alleged drug addiction and that he was kicked out the house because of it. However, according to TMZ, Khloe isn’t checking for divorce or just going to allow her husband to die. She’s step up and attempting…

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