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How Feminism Killed Chivalry

Originally posted on Black Millennial Musings:

Yesterday, I stood cramped on a rush hour A train headed home. The sweltering heat was only exacerbated by an army of over-worked NYC dwellers and a non-functioning AC. In the middle of the crowded train stood a mother and her young son. The wailing child was uncomfortable, and the mother tried unsuccessfully to calm him.

As if by fate, there was a row of three men sitting in front of her. Not one offered their seat.

This is a situation I’ve seen time and time again. A struggling mother who could use a moment of relaxation, only to be met with rudeness. I’ve seen pregnant women standing, while men pretend she is invisible. Women who navigate between screaming children and bags of groceries, only to be ignored.

That’s the thing about trains… you’ll learn a lot about cultural mores and social norms if you dare to pay attention.


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Is Trans the New Gender?

Originally posted on Atlanta Daily World:

Laverne Cox

With the recent revelation that R&B singer R. Kelly’s daughter Jaya Kelly publicly came out as a transgender boy this past week, and the brave youngster’s willingness to face the arduous journey for self-discovery and societal acceptance, several other high profile black transgender people have come to the forefront. Some you may have known about, but some you may not have.


R. Kelly’s daughter Jaya Kelly said that coming out as a transgender boy this past week only represents the beginning of an arduous journey towards continued self-discovery and societal acceptance.

Laverne Cox

“Orange Is the New Black” star Laverne Cox is an outspoken advocate for transgender recognition and acceptance. She has been a leading proponent for transgender rights and openly discusses how her sexual orientation affects her career and her experiences as a high-profile transgender woman who uses her celebrity status to bring issues of trans justice to national attention. celebrity status to bring issues of trans justice…

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Black male depression often gets overlooked

Originally posted on Atlanta Daily World:


The issue of depression among young Black men is a rarely discussed topic of conversation.

At a symposium held at the University of Chicago School of Social Service in February, Dr. Waldo Johnson Jr. said, “Black boys are more depressed because they believe their physical safety is always being threatened. Their families are economically poorer than Whites and many Black families live below the poverty line.”

Johnson is an associate professor and leading voice in the field of social work.

Although some, in more conservative circles may believe that young Black males are merely lashing out due to their own self-imposed victimization, Dr. Cornel West, in his essay titled “Nihilism in Black America,” said this is not the case. Nihilism, by definition is a philosophical belief based in extreme skepticism, maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.

According to West, as it pertains to the Black community…

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Daddy Daughter Dance 2014 [Exclusive Photos]

Originally posted on Praise 103.9:


Father’s from all over the tri-state accompanied their daughters to the 2014 Daddy Daughter Dance, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center this past weekend. Check out some of the beautiful photos below..

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WWE Stars Get Married!

Originally posted on Power 98 WPEG:

If anyone knows me, they know that I am a HUGE WWE fan. I have watched WWE ever since I was a little kid. This business has

created a lot of couples.


There was Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. John Cena and Nikki Bella are a couple. Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella are a couple as well.

My favorite couple is Trinity McCray and Jonathan Fatu. They are both featured on the hit show Total Divas. I have always thought they were

the cutest little couple. Well the recently tied the knot. Check out Mr and Mrs. Fatu



Also if you didn’t know, their father is the one and only Rikishi

Congrats to the two of them. Leave your comments below

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Rumor Control: Big Tigger And Ex-Cosby Kid Keisha Knight Pulliam Confirm Whether Or Not They’re Engaged!


I would not have imagined Keisha Knight Pulliam ever hooking up with the man in the Basement. So not a cute couple.

Originally posted on Bossip:


Is Tigger about to jump the broom with Rudy??

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Your Man’s Cheating Produced a Child – Can You Work It Out?


this is certainly a horse pill to swallow.

Originally posted on 93.1 WZAK:

women cheat as much as men1. Staying for the Right Reasons

The first, most important decision to make after discovering an affair is if you will attempt a reconciliation or not. But once you’ve decided to stay, ask yourself…honestly…why you want to. Many women who stay with men who’ve cheated on them do so in order to pay him back or get even. While this is not the best way to heal yourself, this is an even more unhealthy way of recovering from a post-affair relationship when a new child is involved. Staying with your boyfriend or your spouse means that there are months…maybe even years…ahead of you of repairing your relationship, and that child isn’t going anywhere. Are you capable of working on your relationship while he…and ultimately you…try to get to know and spend time with a new baby? Can you get past the fact that there will now be another woman in…

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Nia Long No Rush For Marraige!!!



Originally posted on 93.1 WZAK:

Nia Long Gives Birth To Baby Boy (thumbnail)
The mother of two sons has a man, but she’s not married.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to, at least that’s what we think. But it’s because she’s not sure if she wants to walk down the aisle… at least not anytime soon.

Chatting with Access Hollywood about love and her future, she said life is busy and maybe a bit hectic for a marriage.

“He’s assistant coaching for the Spurs, so we spend a lot of time going back and forth to San Antonio,” she told Access Hollywood. “It’s tough, it’s hard, it’s a challenge. We are committed to one another and to our babies. You just do what you gotta do.”

Which means marriage may or may not be in the future.

“Babies are like light in your life. Children, they keep you on your toes,” said Nia. “I just have a clear perspective of what my…

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Loverman Says: Establish A Deeper Connection With Your Partner (My Tip Of The Day)

Originally posted on 106.7 WTLC:

200572915-007Get involved with your partner. Instead of focusing what they’re not doing, focus your attention on the good.  Always find time to do activities together such as cooking, baking, walking, watching tv and eating.  This is how you stay close. The connection between the two of you will become stronger.  Also remember to do things that your partner likes – and you don’t.  Try it anyway.

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Male Orgasm | Survey Finds One In Four Men Fake It

Originally posted on THE LOWE DOWN:

Male Orgasm: Survey Finds One In Four Men Fake It

This isn’t the first study to look at the habits of divorced men. Census data released in August 2013 revealed that more men are living in single person households than ever before, likely because of the rising divorce rate.

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