Marilyn Mosby appeared on ‘Judge Judy’ as a 20-year-old college student

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It looks like her. It sounds like her.

Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby made an appearance as a 20-year-old college student on Judge Judy during the show’s fifth season.

In an episode reportedly filmed in 2000, Mosby, then known as Marilyn James, claimed a business owner  trashed her apartment while she was away for spring break.

The man, who owned a cigar shop below Mosby’s apartment, allegedly broke her door, left cigarette burn stains and a “disgusting” mess in her bathtub.

Throughout the episode, Mosby pleads her case rather convincingly. Judge Judy eventually rules in her favor to the tune of $1731.90 to pay the bills incurred cleaning her apartment.

Judy tells Mosby she would have awarded her punitive damages as well, but Mosby’s claim was only for bills. She was a student at Tuskegee University at the time.

“I feel like there’s finally some justice served,” Mosby tells the camera after…

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Heartbreaking News: Teen Dies Of Cancer Just Weeks After Going To Prom With NFL Player

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Khameyea Jennings, the 18-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida who was taken to prom by Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Mark, passed away on Thursday.

Jennings, who was suffering from liver cancer, had her dream come true when Mark picked her up in his Lamborghini, after Jacksonville’s chapter of Dreams Come True had approached the NFL team about Jennings wishes.

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After being diagnosed with cancer in May 2013, the teen had mostly been in and out of hospitals, receiving cancer treatments. The opportunity to go to prom was one of the highlights…

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A Grandmother In Germany Gives Birth To Quadruplets At 65!

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black pregnant woman with baby Source: Kevin Radford / Getty

A grandmother in Germany gave birth to quadruplets at a Berlin hospital last week, May 19, and is now the oldest woman ever to accomplish this. Before giving birth to these latest four children, she had 13 kids. You heard that right? THIRTEEN. At 65 years of age, Annegret Raunigk is a single mom and also a grandmother of seven. The newborns were three boys and one girl, whose names are names are Neeta, Dries, Bence and Fjonn. And they were delivered by C-section. According to reports, the babies were delivered prematurely, at just under 26 six weeks and are therefore in incubators still.

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The report has apparently sparked a public debate in Germany about the rights of her to do so, and the merits, advantages, and disadvantages of being an older mom. Raunigk used…

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L.A. Reid Doesn’t Think Mariah Carey Will Have Another #1 Hit

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Mariah Carey Source: Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty

L.A. Reid is trying to curb the public’s expectations of Mariah Carey moving forward, and the future isn’t as dazzling as Mimi’s wardrobe.

Mariah has just released her greatest hits album #1 to Infinity, but according to the record exec, it’s more like #1 to 2008 because that’s when she had her last #1 hit with “Touch My Body.” Her latest single “Infinity” didn’t even come close to cracking the Top 10 on the Billboard charts. It debuted at #82 (damn!).

As he told Billboard during a recent interview, the fact that she’s getting airtime on the radio is a victory because it proves her career has had staying power. “Mariah Carey made her first hit record in 1991. To even be on the radio at this point in her career is a huge accomplishment, because radio doesn’t cater to veteran artists or…

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Florida Crazies: Woman Covers Husband In BBQ Sauce And Threatens To Carve Him Up Like Chicken

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Florida Woman Covers Hubby In Sauce And Threatens To Carve Him

A woman in Florida poured barbecue sauce on her husband before chasing after him with a knife in each hand, according to an arrest report.


In a report made public on Wednesday, 30-year-old Viven Palmer faces charges of battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and resisting an officer, according to a CBS affiliate, WJAX, in Jacksonville.

Police were reportedly called to the home where they saw a man waving and yelling “Help, police,” from his front door. A woman, who was later identified as Palmer, refused to speak to the police as she put items into a car that was parked outside the home. Two children, ages 4 and 9, were inside the car, according to WJAX.

Palmer’s husband told police that he and his wife were arguing about getting a divorce when “his wife…

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Biggie’s Daughter, Tyanna Wallace remember’s her Dad

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Music File Photos 1990's Source: Chris Walter / Getty

Tyana Wallace was clearly a BIG BIG important piece of her Iconic dad?s life.

She said that every May 9th she goes to visit him bringing him flowers and talks to him where he is buried.

And on his Birthday May 21, she loves to get the invites from fans throwing parties celebrating Biggie?s life.

She took to twitter answer many questions from her fans.


Check out her tweets below.

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Patti LaBelle: Just Gets Better With Time

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patti labelle 2

Patti LaBelle, Auntie Patti, Ms. LaBelle, Lady Marmalade…whatever you want to call her, Patti’s name is synonymous with good music and big smiles. Born Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards in Philadelphia on May 24, 1944, her career spans over a half of century with awards, critical acclaim and a string of hits.

Recently, sat down with Ms. Patti as she turns 71 years old and found out that she’s not slowing down anytime soon.

BDO: Your birthday is coming up, what are your plans?
Patti:  You know it just feels good to do nothing sometimes.  By doing so much (shows, appearances, etc), I’m looking forward to just relaxing and truly enjoy doing nothing.

BDO: How is that you have a knack for making everyone feel like family?
Patti: Thank you. It was really my dad. I grew up in a household where my mom and dad made everyone feel welcome.  My dad was…

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Doing everything but paying attention to the road while driving

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According to research from AT&T, drivers are doing more than just talking and texting while driving. Many are now posting on Facebook and Twitter, snapping selfies and video chatting while driving. This is some scary mess. People, can we put the phones down and pay attention to the roads? I don’t know what’s worse. Drinking while driving or posting to Facebook/Twitter while driving.


Phones are getting smarter, drivers seemingly less so.

A survey released this morning shows that many motorists have expanded their behind-the-wheel activities beyond texting to include using Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter, taking selfies and even shooting videos.

The survey was commissioned by AT&T, itself a phone company, but one that has invested heavily in discouraging distracted driving through its “It Can Wait” public service campaign. The telephone survey was conducted by Braun Research, which polled 2,067 people who own a smartphone and drive at least once…

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Morning Beautiful: Obama Slammed With Racist Tweets, Hundreds Protest Police Shooting In WA & More

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Black Lives Matter Protest Source: Scott Olsen/Staff / Getty
Morning baby. Here?s today?s top news stories around the web. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

1) Once Again, Obama Cannot Catch a Break

Just hours after opening his first personal twitter account as president, Barack Obama got flooded with racial epithets and threats from trolls and spawns of Satan. I guess I can?t say I?m surprised at this one. Read the story at The Verge.

2) Ireland Approaches Landmark Gay Marriage Decision

Today, Ireland is leading a national vote on whether it will legalize gay marriage. If it does, Ireland will be the first country to make gay marriage legal through a referendum. Read more on this development at USA Today.

3) Josh Duggars Issues An Apology In Light of Molestation Charges

Executives at the TLC are probably reaching for a bottle of scotch at the moment. Josh Duggar from the popular family show, ?19 Kids…

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