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Diddy Judging American Idol?

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Word on the curb is that Puff is in talks to become one of the next judges on American Idol. If his addition is anything like it was on Making The Band, this might be worth watching. New season begins January 2013.

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Employee becomes first woman at AT&T to receive 100 patents

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by Vince Pai 

The first woman at AT&T to receive 100 patents – that is an impressive title and honor that goes to Marian Croak, a vice president in AT&T Labs. Marian recently celebrated 100 patents for her leading work in integrated voice and data communications. The first woman at the company to reach this milestone, she inspires many others in her field.

Marian remembers a time when women did not work outside the home. As a young child, she would follow the electricians and repairmen around the house. She was awed by how they made things work. Encouraged by her father, she took an interest in science and earned a doctorate in social psychology and quantitative analysis. Yet, Marian remains humble and reserved when it comes to her accomplishments. Her quiet confidence lets her work speak for itself. This includes her extensive research in bringing telephony and…

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About That House Key…Benzino Explains His Overnight Lovefest With Karlie Redd

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About 99.9% of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” viewers are grossed out by Benzino and Karlie Redd’s relationship. Sloppy on-screen kiss and fake tears aside, most fans are wondering how they’ve gone from meeting in the parking lot to having an at-home date in matching clothes to getting a house key in the span of a week. Thankfully, Benzino did an interview with The Breakfast Club to help us get at least a little bit of a better understanding. See if these snippets help:

How he got on the show

I never went to get casted or nothing, I kinda just fell into it. I had been doing some music with Stevie. Me and Stevie been friends for like 10 years. He had already went to the casting…I went on the show originally to give him some advice (in the car). Next thing you know I had met Karlie and I…

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