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PHOTO: Woman Butchered By Husband After Being Caught Cheating

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One of those things you see that leave you truly speechless, even with a thousand and one words of fury and disgust pressing behind your skull…
This is the height of wickedness. It’s a miracle surviving this sort of attack. Machete-cuts from the looks of the wounds.
He could have severed her neck completely, and all for what…?

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Chris Lighty’s Brother Wants Answers In Music Executive’s Suicide

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Although medical examiners have ruled the August 30th death of music mogul Chris Lighty a suicide by self inflicted gunshot, some people aren’t buying that the CEO of Violator Management would take his own life. Most notable skeptics include 50 Cent and now Chris’ own brother Dave Lighty has publicly expressed doubt about the demise of his kin. Dave Lighty shared that his brother was “a go-getter” and not the type of person who would leave his family in that manner even though times were tough.

Dave shared the family’s intention to investigate Lighty’s wife on Sway in the Moring radio show. Chris allegedly shot himself after a heated argument with his ex-wife who stood to inherit everything should Chris meet an early demise. “I just feel like there are a lot of unanswered questions and I need answers”, Lighty said.

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Venus & Serena Williams Have A New Baby Brother

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Venus and Serena Williams are big sisters to a new baby brother. Their father Richard Williams has become a dad again at the age of 70. According to Gossip Extra, Williams’ 33-year-old wife Lakeisha didn’t attend the U.S. open to see Serena win her 4th title, because she was recovering from the birth of the baby.

No one in the family has spoken publicly about the little boy, and messages left for Richard were not returned.

The tennis champions parents were divorced in 2002.

Why would a 70 year-old man want to be a father at that age? There is no way you’re in any kind of shape to run after a toddler.

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Venus Williams: “My New Man Made Me A Sex Addict”

Serena Williams Slams Dating Rumors On Twitter

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Stay Of Execution Granted To Man Convicted Of Killing Alleged Molester

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Terrance Williams, 46, was granted a stay of execution and a new sentencing hearing by a Pennsylvania judge on Friday, reports the New York Times. He was scheduled to die by lethal injection on Wednesday for killing the man who allegedly molested him as a minor.

Judge M. Teresa Sarmina of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas granted Williams the new hearing and stay because of new evidence stemming from his 1986 conviction for beating Amos Norwood to death in 1984. Williams was 18-year-old at the time he killed Norwood, then aged 56.

However, when the jury voted to sentence Williams to death, prosecutors withheld evidence that claims Norwood molested Williams since he was 13-years-old, the judge ruled.  They also withheld evidence revealing that Norwood had homosexual relations with boys, including Williams. The judge ruled that, had the jury known of that evidence, they could have possibly voted for…

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Associated Press Analyzes Chris Brown’s Community Service

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So much of Chris Brown’s coverage is tied around temper tantrums, alleged affairs, and general bad behavior. Oh, and music, too, sometimes. That said, it appears that despite what you may hear, Chris has gone above and beyond with some of his court-ordered community service hours stemming from the 2009 beating of ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

The Associate Press offers a favorable analysis of the community service in question — providing some of that “positivity” Chris and Team Breezy always ask for:

The Associated Press has learned one-third of those hours were recorded at a rural Virginia daycare center where the singer spent time as a child and his mother once served as director.

And in the last seven months, an AP analysis of the work records indicates Brown’s labor credits increased by four times from what they had been during the previous two years. Yet through it all, Brown hasn’t…

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