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PHOTO: Woman Butchered By Husband After Being Caught Cheating

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One of those things you see that leave you truly speechless, even with a thousand and one words of fury and disgust pressing behind your skull…
This is the height of wickedness. It’s a miracle surviving this sort of attack. Machete-cuts from the looks of the wounds.
He could have severed her neck completely, and all for what…?

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Chris Lighty’s Brother Wants Answers In Music Executive’s Suicide

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Although medical examiners have ruled the August 30th death of music mogul Chris Lighty a suicide by self inflicted gunshot, some people aren’t buying that the CEO of Violator Management would take his own life. Most notable skeptics include 50 Cent and now Chris’ own brother Dave Lighty has publicly expressed doubt about the demise of his kin. Dave Lighty shared that his brother was “a go-getter” and not the type of person who would leave his family in that manner even though times were tough.

Dave shared the family’s intention to investigate Lighty’s wife on Sway in the Moring radio show. Chris allegedly shot himself after a heated argument with his ex-wife who stood to inherit everything should Chris meet an early demise. “I just feel like there are a lot of unanswered questions and I need answers”, Lighty said.

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