Kim Kardashian’s Mermaid Halloween Costume Included a $2,000 Halloween Wig


[tiImage width=”340″ height=”450″ url=”” credit=”Getty Images” align=”right” border=”1″ alt=”Kim Kardashian Halloween Wig”]

Kim Kardashian hosted the second annual Midori Halloween Midori bash in New York Saturday night, and the occasion called for a very special hair moment. She dressed as a sexy mermaid—shell bra, bright green tail, pearl necklaces, Kanye as her sailor-to-the-rescue, and all—but the outfit’s key piece was a platinum blonde wig made from real human hair. The wig cost more than $2,000, and took more than 10 hours to create. We already knew Kim was planning to go all out this year: “I think Halloween is just so much fun! It’s the best time to go for any crazy look you’ve ever wanted to try,” she told “Why not experiment? It’s Halloween—more is more!”

Plus, see Kim’s Halloween costumes.

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Try On Kim Kardashian’s Hair!
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