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Gabrielle Union Discusses When She Will Have A Baby With D Wade! [VIDEO]

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Actress Gabrielle Union recently spoke out about her long time relationship with Miami Heat basketball star D. Wade and their plans for the future!! 

JustTheFabMag.Com interview Gabrielle was asked

On whether she plans to get married in the near future

“I don’t know. I mean, we like each other a lot and we both failed miserably  the last time either one of us got married. So, I think we’re doing it slow, you  know what I mean? I think when you rush in, then people have crap to say. If you  go too slow, people still have stuff to say, so, I think we have to just take it  at the pace that’s great for us. But, who knows? I’m open to everything, but  right now I just like saying “my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend D Wade’. And then maybe later, provided my eggs aren’t dust, we’ll see what…

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How To Keep Food Safe When Power Goes Out

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Editor’s Note: Laura Moss is a writer for Mother Nature Network. Her article originally appeared here.

When you lose power — whether it’s from flooding, high winds or another disaster — food safety can be an issue. The longer the power is out, the more likely your food is to spoil, but knowing how to protect your food and determine if it’s safe to eat will help minimize the risk of foodborne illness.
Meat, eggs and dairy should be kept at or below 40 degrees F, and frozen food should maintain a temperature at or below 0 degrees F. If you lose power, the refrigerator will maintain food safety for about four hours if the door remains closed.
A full freezer will maintain its temperature for approximately two days — if the freezer is half full, food will stay frozen for about 24 hours. If you don’t…

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New Talk Show for Queen Latifah?

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It seems as if Queen Latifah is going to get another go around with a brand new talk show.  Sources have
  indicated that The Queen Latifah Show has been given the green light by CBS.  The show is set to
fall 2013 and will follow the usual format with feature celebrity guests, comedy, pop
, musical performances and more. The show will be executive produced by Queen  
’s Flavor Unit and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment.
  Hopefully this show works out for The Queen.   (Source: Radio Facts)

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