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Ola Orekunrin: Started The First Air Ambulance Service in West Africa in 2009 At 23



I have this feel that anything healthcare is definitely going to be capital intensive so the more I think of what this lady has done, the more I’m thrilled by her achievement. The truth is, the excitement of entrepreneurship is in solving problems; but wanting to solve a capital-intensive problem without having no-money or little money sure wouldn’t even be close to exciting.

So what has Dr. Ola Orekunrin done with Flying Doctors, they basically provide air ambulance service in Nigeria conveying critically ill patients to where they can get suitable level of care, the closest air ambulance Nigerians could get before now, was either from South Africa, Kenya or Uganda. Which is quiet surprising bearing in mind the wealth in Nigeria.

To venture into this, you need many things going for you, after crossing the capital hurdle, you will need the personnel to make this…

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