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NBA | Knicks Remain Undefeated, Brooklyn Nets Beat Rondo-Less Celtics

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People were doubting the Knicks saying they haven’t played anyone great – well they played the 7 – 1 Spurs, who went to the West Finals last season,  and won 104 – 100 in San Antonio.

Knicks’ Jason Kidd who came through with big three pointers in the 4th and Raymond Felton led the team with 25 points and 7 assists. Knicks are 6 – 0, Spurs 7 – 2.


The Brooklyn Nets also got tested by playin the Boston Celtics at home but Celtics played without their star point guard Rajon Rondo. Nets won in Brooklyn 102 to 97. Deron Williams and Brook Lopez had 24 points with Kris Humphries 13 rebounds.

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Nicki Minaj Finally Puts End To Mariah Carey Beef?

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Although she would not delve into their current status, Minaj did say there are no problems between her and Carey.

Hold up, hold up, hold up. Cue the Big Sean ad-lib, please, because Nicki just professed her “love” for the people on “Idol.” Did that include her co-panelist Mariah Carey, who she dubbed “Shady McGrady” during an epic Twitter rant last month, which was fueled by a leaked set video that captured the two divas dueling? So we asked the MC whether she and MC had patched things up. “We’ve been fine,” Minaj said, exasperation creeping into her voice. (MTV)

On Minaj’s new “My Truth” reality show premiere, she playfully took a shot at Carey.

Speaking in her new reality show ‘My Truth’, Nicki revealed: ‘I think Mariah met her match this time, and I don’t think she was expecting to meet her match. ‘I’m super nervous…

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Christina Aguilera: Lotus (Guest Blog)

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I was asked to do a Guest Blog review on Christina’s new album Lotus! Here’s a sneak preview, but you can check the full review out over on Drunk On Pop at this link!

I still remember the first time I heard Christina Aguilera. I was walking around a mall with my cousin (dangerously without our parents behind us) and all of a sudden my cousin started singing along with the radio that was playing in the background. “Haven’t you heard this song?!” she said when she realized I wasn’t dancing to the beat along with her. That evening, at our sleepover, she put the Genie in a Bottle single in her cassette player. I was sold.

That album was one of the first CDs I purchased (right after Michael Jackson, BSB, and Britney Spears). Though Britney has always been my queen, I never…

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#SMASH OR #ASS: Rihanna Ft. Chris Brown “Nobody’s Business” [VOTE] !!

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Are they trying to tell everyone something with this new song… like mind your own business!!


Rihanna’snew album Unapologetic’ has just been leaked and we got the highly anticipated single “Nobody’s Business” featuring her “in love with two women at the same damn time” boyfriend Chris Brown.


[ione_embed src= service=youtube width=560 height=315]



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A Vintage Casio

How are YOU Planning for the Rapture/DoomsDay/End Of The World? HustleNFlo @therealHNF

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December 21st is quickly approaching!! The world may soon “come to an end.”  Nobody knows how exactly, but it’s going to happen.  How are YOU preparing for the Apocalypse?

Are you:

A.) Storing months of food reserves and weapons to protect yourself?

B.) Watching Illuminati videos on youtube while smoking weed and saying to your homies, “Yoooo..    that shit kray…”?

C.) Purchasing “Escape Earth” Tickets?

Wait…What’s “Escape Earth”?

For the crackhead price of 25$, you can buy a ticket to board the USS Ark to get the fuck outta here before shit hits the fan “escape earth” before it gets destroyed by the US Government.   You can purchase your ticket here.

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