The X Factor Recap: Did the Right Acts Go Home?


tate stevens x factorTension hung in the air, thicker and more pronounced than Demi Lovato’s ’80s-era eyebrows, on tonight’s X Factor Top 12 results show. Even Khloe Kardashian could feel it: “Live on stage we’ve got a sensational performance from the incredible Taylor Swift!” she declared, eyes burning with ennui (or was she merely distracted by a shiny object dangling in the distance?).

Whatever the case, the telecast took a hideous turn within its first 20 minutes. No, I’m not talking about this exchange in which the Kardashian woman and cohost Mario “yes my soul is in the Lost & Found” Lopez were allowed to abandon the teleprompter following Ms. Swift’s rendition of “State of Grace.”

Khloe: “Great job! Hey! Now you have been a young star. You started really young. We have a lot of young contestants on the show. What advice would you give them?”
Taylor: “I think the advice I…

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