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Ke$ha Wears Her Fans’ Teeth?!


Uncle Sam Coming For O.J. Simpson

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While your and your loved ones feasted on November’s sacred bird and proceeded to exit the family gathering early to stand in line for an off brand TV, O.J. Simpson was somewhere sitting in a prison cell catching hell from the IRS. According to TMZ, the imprisoned former NFL star owes more than a quarter of a million dollars in back taxes. Now, Uncle Sam is coming for his neck to collect.


According to docs recently filed by the State of CA Franchise Tax Board  … Simpson — who is currently rotting away in a Nevada prison for Robbery — still owes $318,566.04 in unpaid taxes from the Millennium.

TMZ broke the story … O.J. is knee deep in financial trouble — he has a federal lien filed against him for the years 2007-2010, for $179,435.07. Not to mention he still owes MILLIONS to the families of Nicole…

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Ludacris ft Kellly Rowland- Representin [video]

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Here’s some weekend music for you! New Ludacris ft Kelly Rowland “Representin”. Turn Up!!!

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DC No Longer Means Dodge City

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Back in the 1980’s, the Nation’s Capital had the dubious distinction of being known as “the Murder Capital”. But since 2002, and even more so since 2007 , the murder rate has decreased substantially. In 2012 the murder rate is on pace for fewer than 100(!) for the first time since 1963.

Chief Cathy Lanier, take a bow.

You can read more about it here.


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Four Ways to Avoid Music Submission Mistakes

Renee the G

Congratulations for taking a big step forward in your career as a songwriter. If you’re considering submitting one (or several) of your songs for a music business opportunity, then you’ve gone to the next level beyond just writing songs and hoping the world will come to you. This being the case, there are a couple of classic mistakes you should be careful to avoid so that you can present yourself as professionally as possible and increase your chances of success .


1. Never attach an mp3 to an email without permission.

Submitting a song either via email or on a CD without having a contact who is expecting it is the same thing as not submitting at all. Unless there has been some kind of exchange where an industry person is expecting your music, there isn’t a pitch opportunity there.

Now you’re probably thinking, “All music industry people say…

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