Caught Out There! Another Jump Off Releases Tell All Book Putting R. Kelly, Shaq, Tupac + More On Blast!

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Sounds like Superhead has a lil competition..

New “Jump Off” Tell All Book Exposes Hip Hop Artists’ Sex Life

Another day, another tell-all book about high-profile music industry artists who poked their peen into the wrong groupie and got put on blast.

In this latest one, serial sidechick turned “rapper” Jara Everett dishes on how she used to bust it open in the bedroom with the likes of R.Kelly, Young Jeezy, Shaq, Tupac, (yes, Tupac) and more.

Check out an excerpt from the book below:

I wrote this book for other women to learn about themselves through my stories,” states Jara, so many women are “jumpoffs” whether intentional or not; but now they can see themselves where they are right now and take control of where they are going!

And because no R.Kelly reference is complete with a golden shower mention, here’s another excerpt from the messy memoir:

My first…

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