Archive | December 7, 2012

Reality TV

Reality TV demonstrates a level of dysfunctional realism. The reason it’s so popular is because ppl enjoy drama. Either they can relate by being part of the problem or find out ppl are worst off than they are. Its merely about entertainment. You have some trying to find a solution to their problems or seeking justification. Then u have the least percentage of those that just want to know the latest scoop. Why r we so consumed with social drama? Is there a lack of creativity that our writers cant compete with realtv or are they not given a chance or is every producer jumping on the band wagon for what is working at the time. What happened to family values and scripted comedy. Where r the Carol Burnetts, I Love Lucy, The Flip Wilsons, and the Richard Pryors. What happened to the wholesome shows that brought families together.TV media its time for a change. Old is better.