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This worthless piece of life is going to waste so much money having a trial. The justice system is such a failed system. cases such as this dont need a trial. Wtheck was the neighbor thinking for being involved in such a gruesome act. This is why we need the cement shoe act. People like this needs to be in the bottom of an ocean



We already knew this guy wasn’t isht but he takes being the Epitome of a Bad Son to brand new levels.

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The good thing about it innocent lives were not at stake from a high speed chase that ends tragically

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Some people should be law abiding citizens because they aren’t equipped for that criminal life. A man in England was arrested for leading cops on a chase through a British neighborhood named Bristol on a moped.

The 22 year-old man Dad James Phillips attempted to outrun four police cars and a helicopter because his license was suspended and was banned from the road. Phillips was driving so slow, one of the helicopter crewmen just started a running commentary, saying, “Speed is 15 – one-five – miles an hour.”

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During the one-mile chase, a man on the street tried to punch Dad James Phillips off his moped, but missed by a couple of inches. After hitting the lightning speed of 30 miles per hour, Phillips decided to pull over and give up the chase. Phillips lawyer said…

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After yucking it up at the VMAs comedian Kevin Hart is taking on a what he considers to be an even bigger task–co-costing “Saturday Night Live.”

In the video below the tall (by Starbucks standards) actor spoke with EWabout this weekend’s appearance, shared what he’s had to deal with behind the scenes and what his favorite ‘SNL’ sketch is.

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