David Cummings on Startups

Earlier today I got a question that hasn’t come up as often as I’d like: do you really believe Atlanta can be a top 10 startup city within 10 years? The answer is an emphatic yes! Atlanta has all the natural ingredients including a large number of young professionals, a low cost of living, the largest engineering school in the country with Georgia Tech, the world’s busiest airport, and an active startup community. If Atlanta has all the ingredients, what else is happening to make Atlanta a top 10 startup city?

Here’s what’s going on in Atlanta:

  • Large anchor technology companies – Atlanta has AutoTrader.com (over $1 billion in revenue) and Air Watch, which is going to IPO and have a billion dollar valuation within 24 months. More anchor technology companies results in more talent recruited to the area, more jobs, and more startups that spin-out. The seeds have…

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