We miss, Free and AJ of 106 & Park

106 & Park

I was sitting here bored silly and started reminiscing over the days of my past. The days of some of the better television programs, movies and songs and then it hit me, 106 & Park. Boy, those were some good old days when music was music and not over saturated with a everyone wanting to be a music production company. I’m talking about the days of real Hip Hop & R & B. Videos were the best thing that could have happen to music sales. There were songs that actually told a story. A video could make a good song into a great song. And who did we have to present those fabulous videos and artist, no better host of 106 & Park than FREE & AJ. Yes. it was a sad day to hear about their departure from BET. But, we all have to grow up and move on to bigger things in life. And now that I think about it, that was when the music industry started to change. I remember when I could tell you the name of every song and the artist, but now I couldn’t tell you one artist from another. Now, it feels as if the spirit and soul of the music has dissipated. With that being said, I just wanted to share with you this collage of AJ and Free, hope they appreciate me taking the time out to say THANK YOU for being such great host over the years with BET.


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