My withdrawal from Wimbledon


First week of Wimbledon, 2013. My second round match will be remembered forever (a very long time).

I made a lot of perplextions as the day went on. Staff informed Me that everybody was withdrawing from the tournament and, being the team player that I am, I thought these were new rules created by the ATP and AELTC ( All England Law, Tennis and Croquet Clubs). I promptly decided to lose. I want to make the confirmations that I don’tslip have an injury, nor did I do the slippings over and show My undergarments like Maria Sugarpova, I just decided to lose because I thought this is what we were all doing.

As you can imagine, well, you can’t imagine because you’ve never done it, so I will tell you. During a match you have no idea what is happening in the world. So it was only after the…

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