When Oprah Calls …

Gwen Pegram, Author

gwenpegrampublishing… It’s all about the back cover of The Missing Five.

It is a beautiful sight when professional women come together to support one another. That is exactly what happened at my “second” signing hosted by Sophie Dunbar, owner of Creative Hands, on December 21 for my debut novel, The Missing Five.

This first day of Winter, which displayed a record-breaking temperature of 72 degrees, was a wonderful backdrop for us to discuss five middle-aged African-American men, missing without a trace, in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.

One newly met fan, Claretta, adamantly said, “Well, I’m buying a book because I need to find one of these missing men for myself.” She went on to say, jokingly, that there is already a black man shortage in DC and now they’re disappearing! No wonder black women can’t find a man.” We laughed.

Another fan, Patricia, said she loved the cover, especially the back of the book…

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