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Son-in-law arrested in package bomb murder of Tennessee couple

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A stunning arrest in the package bomb murder of a Tennessee couple. Investigators say Jon and Marion Setzer were killed by their son-in-law. Richard Parker was arrested and investigators say he is the sole suspect in the case. Gary Tuchman has the latest on this story.

John Berman discussed all of this with Reverend Kevin Ulmet who is the pastor to the Setzers’ children and Richard Parker.

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CELEBS | Hov’s Valentines Day Gift To Beyonce Is Something He Can Only Unlock (PIC)

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Jay Z is not a patient man when it comes to giving gifts to his wife Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day but news is already out on what Jay Z gave his wife today.

According to sources, Hov bought his wife a $2,390 bracelet. You’re thinking that’s nothing to Jay Z and it’s not but the thought and creativity behind this bracelet is beyond romantic. The Tacori bracelet has a lock that only Jay Z can unlock. The website explains it as:

“Made of intertwining silver and gold, the design represents two unique individuals uniting through a promise. Once the bracelet is fastened, only the key holder can unlock the promise. The connection chain links both parts of the bracelet and symbolizes that the bracelet is always connected.”

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French Court Rewards Michael Jackson ‘Emotion Damage’

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King of Pop Michael Jackson "This Is It!" 10 Show Concert Tour Press Conference

A French court has sided with five of ‘The King of Pop’  fans who claimed they endured “emotional damage” after the artist’s untimely death. The AFP news agency reports that 34 fans had sued Conrad Murray, Jackson’s doctor, claiming they had emotional suffering


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Awaiting verdict in loud music murder trial

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Jurors who are deliberating the guilt or innocence of Michael Dunn failed to reach a verdict today. Dunn claims he was acting in self-defense when he shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis during a confrontation over loud music. The deliberations are going on behind closed doors, but we know the jurors asked to review some items today. Martin Savidge and former federal prosecutor Sunny Hostin discuss today’s developments.

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