A thing or 2 you can do with your old TEE

I  commonly have those periods in my life, when i’m fascinated by my old stuff. I have this ability to see it in a completely different perspective. And somehow it’s like a “reincarnation” of an old stuff in a complete new look.Well i guess DIY projects are some kind of  a vice to me. Well some people smoke, and me- i just  like “altering” things.

OK, this Easter is way too rainy for my taste, so i was looking for an interesting D.I.Y project to accomplish.

And what is  more simple than a TEE…i assumped u had at least one favorite tee, which is somehow old fashioned, too mainstream, too long,  too ruined & etc., but still has a great print u want to wear. So now here is a way 4 you to wear it AGAIN…Oh, what a guilty pleasure…:))( way better than coloring the eggs& posting them on Instagram:D)

Here are my top…

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