Keenan Ivory Wayans: Funny, Fit & Over 50

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kiw2Some may say Keenan Ivory Wayans is a comedic genius. Being that he comes from one of the largest comedy families in history, they would probably be right. Wayans co-produced and co-wrote Raw, Murphy?s smash-hit concert film.

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Wayans, the second oldest of 10 children, grew up in the Fulton housing projects in Manhattan?s Chelsea district. His father markets novelty items, and his mother is a social worker. ?All us kids used to eat together,? he recalls. ?We?d bounce jokes off each other—and sometimes food.? In recent years, food has been a key part of Keenan?s life, as he has been a vegetarian for many years. He cites his healthy diet to his fit body.

In a public service announcement, Keenan even showed his affinity for his healthy diet. ?You know, my health is no laughing matter. My vegetarian…

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