France Prides Itself On No Racism, So Why In The World Was There A Blackface Party?! [PHOTO]

Black America Web

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Racism is running rampart all over the world. According to reports, a group of French friends wanted to have a “negro evening,” so they gathered together, slathered their faces in black paint, grabbed afro wigs and made a night of it. What’s most shocking is that there were off duty officers at the party, partaking in the racist antics.

Someone from the party took it upon themselves to post the shocking photos on Facebook. Before the photos were taken down, several screenshots were captured. In some of the shots, you can see various partygoers posing with bananas, mimicking monkeys.

“Someone I know pointed out to me the existence of these photos on the Facebook account of a friend of hers,” Claudy Siar, former Interministerial Delegate for Equal Opportunities for France told BFMTV. “Before me, she called him and expressed his shock…

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