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Couple Trapped In Mexico After Horrifying Zip Lining Accident Leads To Insurance Troubles

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A California couple?s dream vacation has been turned into a nightmare that they can?t escape.

Brian and Shimeaka Hodges of Bakersfield, California, are now stuck in Mexico after his horrifying zip lining accident on July 20.

The couple and their friends went to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate their anniversary and Shimeaka?s birthday. Having taken in a few days of sun, sand and great food, they decided to try something new with zip lining adventure at Wild Canyon Zip Lines. The park designates itself as the safest course in the area, but Brian?s friend noticed something very risky about Brian?s line.

“I could see he’s too close, way too close,” Calvin Black told 23 ABC News, adding that Brian?s cord was about 20 feet out from the side of a mountain. That distance wasn?t far enough to keep Brian from being thrown into the rock wall at 40 mph when a strong wind…

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Theodore Wafer: I Didn’t Know Gun Was Loaded Before Shooting Renisha McBride

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A curious statement that Theodore Wafer made to investigators after gunning down Renisha McBride has come to light.

Somehow, Renisha McBride?s shooter had no clue that there were any bullets in his gun when he shot her. Day two of Renisha?s murder trial proceeded Thursday as the court heard audio of Theodore telling authorities what happened before the fatal incident back in November.

MUST READ: Renisha McBride’s Parents Hold Press Conference [VIDEO]

The Associated Press reports that he told Sgt. Rory McManmon that he?d heard ?a consistent knocking on the door, and I?m trying to look through the windows and the door.? Theodore was supposedly alarmed by how loud the knocking was because it was so early in the morning, so he brought the gun with him as a precaution.

All of sudden his gun went off?at least that?s the story he?s told cops. ?It?s banging somewhere else, so I open…

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Police: Two men rape 14-year-old Laurel girl lured on Instagram |

This has got to be one of the most bizarre acts I have ever heard of. How freaking desperate are people that they have to rape anyone when there are plenty of women that give up sex for nothing. What the HELL was the mother thinking about to allow her 14 yo child to go away with two men that she met over social media. She need to be held responsible too for neglect its not that must trust in all the world. The 14 yo child lives in Laurel, Md and the mother allowed her to go with strange men in Washington, DC and I am quite certain that she didn’t look at either of the identification or probably didn’t get a car tag just in case something happened to the child. I hope to those that read this article that s so trustworthy will think twice before placing your child in harms way.

Police: Two men rape 14-year-old Laurel girl lured on Instagram |

Over 100 Top AIDS Researchers Killed In Malaysian Plane Crash


malaysian-planeThe Malaysian plane (MH17) that was shot down in the Ukraine yesterday contained over 100 of the world’s top AIDS researchers, as they were en route to a conference in Melbourne, Australia. As of midnight Australia time on Friday, conference organizers said they had only been able to confirm seven names. Among the dead are World Health Organization advisor Glenn Thomas, as well as research giant and lauded humanitarian Dr. Joep Lange and his wife, Jacqueline van Tongeren, who has been researching AIDS for three decades. So that’s 30 years of AIDS research, literally shot down. Dr. Lange has written more than 350 papers and spent his career fighting for access to low-cost AIDS treatment in Africa. The International Aids Society said that Dr Lange’s death meant “the HIV/Aids movement has truly lost a giant.” Wow. What will this mean for the future of AIDS research?


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