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Sophie Saint Thomas

After initially speaking with the artist and entrepreneur for VICE about his fashion collaboration with Coca-Cola, Ekocycle, we rejoined forces via Skype to discuss his role in the creation of the world’s first “smartcuff.” Find the entire article at The Style Con.

“With the the launch of i.amPULS, artist and entrepreneur has created the first wearable smartwatch that is a phone in of itself rather than simply using bluetooth, and this isn’t something you’d find at Radio Shack. “On a guy it fits snug. On a female it fits the way a Chanel or a Louis Vuitton or a Gucci cuff would fit,” told me via Skype hours before the launch of the product during the keynote speech at Dreamforce 2014 in San Fransisco. “A little loose, the way Rihanna rocks her Chanel cuff.” I spoke with about the gadget fills a hole in the technology…

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DIY Gold Pumpkins

I have the fondest memories of Halloween growing up. It was always a holiday that we look forward to each year. Our entire neighborhood transformed into something quite magical, slightly spooky, and so spectacular just for one night. And like magic- poof! everything returns to normal the very next morning.

And since then, I’ve never experienced any other Halloween like those of my childhood years. That was until we moved into the home of our dreams last year. Halloween in this neighborhood is a big deal. The streets get closed down so that the annual parade can start promptly at 5:30pm. From there, the kids can go to ‘spooky but not scary’ haunted houses that the neighborhood committee sets up. After that, the trick-or-treating madness begins with over three thousand trick-or-treaters. Imagine how much candy we have to buy!

This year will be super fun b/c Zoey’s aunts and uncles…

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Here’s Why Grey Is The Hottest Hair Trend Of The Season! [VIDEO]


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Grey hair is no longer a daunting feature only worn by women in their 50’s going through mid-life crisis’. Women with naturally grey hair have stopped scheduling their lives around their hair appointments and begun to embrace this new trend. Thanks to celebrity rock stars like Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne, this shimmering hue is now the ultimate hair accessory for your tresses.

But whether you are a natural grey-haired diva, or a starlet who has adopted this trend as your signature hairstyle, there are a few style and beauty rules you should think about. Watch our style and beauty editor as she gives three women with grey hair a much-needed makeover!


You Ask, I Answer: What Products Do You Use To Keep Your Grey Hair Shiny?

10 Must-Watch YouTube Videos That Will Save Your Hair

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