Will #BlackLivesMatter Protests & Social Media Activism Force Policymakers Into Action?

Black America Web

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There are over two dozen major cities in America that will have mayoral elections in 2015. Three states will have gubernatorial elections and there are huge implications for who will be selected as police chiefs in many of these cities. Will the protests taking place across the nation impact the upcoming political contests or will this current movement fizzle?

“NewsOne Now” guest host Jeff Johnson and the Straight Talk panel discuss what impact, if any, the protests against police brutality, excessive force and misconduct will have on the political make up of local police departments.

Chanelle Hardy, Executive Director of the National Urban League’s Washington Bureau told Johnson, “There is tremendous potential, certainly, I don’t see any signs that the protesters are about to lose energy.”

Hardy added, “All of the folks that engage in politics and civil engagement and voter outreach for a living to really connect the…

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