SELMA: Go see the movie for the experience.

Copyright 2014 Paramount Pictures

I had been planning to go see the movie Selma since last Friday and those plans changed everyday up until today. So what did I do on Martin Luther King Day? I got the opportunity to sit among the sold-out filled theater, well at least I thought. I enjoy getting up in the morning to catch the 10:00am first showing because I find the theater to be in a more peaceful, less crowded environment. As well as cheaper. To my surprise everyone else must have had the same plans on this glorious day. The parking lot was a bit fuller than normal and when I approached the kiosk to read the times for the movie it read, 10:30 SOLD OUT. Ouch! So disappointing, my feelings was so hurt. However, I was so determined to not that discourage me I decided to purchase my ticket in advance for the next showtime 1:30pm. To my surprise the price was the same $7.50 at least I think, not bad. When I got there the lot was packed, and the remaining shows were all SOLD OUT, YEAH! The theater was filling fast but not quite full. I was really puzzled by that because I was thinking if the show was sold out why wasn’t all the seats filled, I was feeling some type of way because I have been to sold out shows and they were packed up to the front row where you had to tilt your head back to watch the movie. Now I really enjoyed the movie although there were a few dry spells throughout and I think I felt that way because I had pretty much predicted the outcome due to my educational background and my past experiences. I believe that this movie mostly would have served the 30 year old and below generation than most so that they could get a personal feeling of the ill treatment that people of color had to endure for their civil rights struggles. Also, I think that it should have been produced for the small screen for home viewing so that people could watch with family and friends to have open discussions. But overall, it was a great educational film that I hope will reach the masses and hopefully change to way people think about society as a whole in support of world peace.


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