Angela Bassett Talks Whitney Houston’s Family Blaming Bobby Brown For Addiction

106.7 WTLC

Angela-Bassett-directing-Yaya Angela Basett directs actress Yaya DeCosta in Lifetime’s biopic “Whitney”

Angela Bassett got a little backlash when she addressed the late Whitney Houston’s alleged addiction to crack cocaine in the Lifetime biopic Whitney. In the film, Whitney was already using the drug when she met bad boy Bobby Brown (during their controversial romance many thought it was Bobby who got Whitney hooked). Many viewres and even Whitney’s family didn’t like to see her in this light and shut down Angela’s way of writing the film as complete false.

Angela spoke out and said,

She was a grown woman and I think we do her detriment when we say that she was so weak minded, this 24-year-old woman. You meet a 19-year-old man and he is such a Svengali and a puppet master that he can make you do lines of cocaine? Just thinking about that I find that hard to…

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