Ava DuVernay & David Oyelowo Are Planning A Hurricane Katrina Love Drama & We’re Ready For The Release Date


ava duvernay (1)

We can’t even contain our excitement about this! The mega-talent duo of filmmaker Ava DuVernayand actor David Oyelowo are heading towards their third collaboration (following Middle Of Nowhere and Selma) with the announcement of a Hurricane Katrina-based love story and murder mystery coming soon!

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DuVernay (the director and co-writer of Selma) was highly acclaimed for her gentile, yet honest re-telling of the historic march from Selma and Montgomery as well as her ability to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. into a man and not just a myth. Even her visionary intuitions were extraordinary (We want to tell which scenes in particular, but have you seen it? Please do if you’re stalling!)

Hurricane Katrina was such an emotive period in recent Black and American history and on film, this story as a backdrop of a…

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