10 Lessons Learned

A Curvy Career

As “they” say the real world is a (you can fill in the blank) but it’s an awesome journey so enjoy the ride. I wanted to share the 10 lesson I’ve learned.

1. Stop making excuses and do the damn thing!

2. Don’t dwell on mistakes.

3. Read. Books are the perfect mentor. So pick one up! My Favs are:  Nice Girls don’t get the Corner Office, Do You, Successful Women Think Differently , You are a Badass and I shouldn’t be Telling you This. Also Check out #MyleikBookshare on Instagram.

4. Stop comparing.

5. Take the time to smell the roses (Live in the moment). Take time to appreciate what you have. Spending too much time worrying will only paralyze you and you will miss the opportunities.

6. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. I’ll keep this short. Being broke aint cute! (I used aint for emphasis) Live within…

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