A “Lil Positivity:” University President Cuts His Own Pay To Help Out Lowest Paid Workers



KSU President Takes Pay Cut To Increase Staff Salary

A Kentucky University president did what many would consider unthinkable to show the lowest paid members of the school staff how appreciated they are. Via CNN:

The story of his selfless act went viral, but for Raymond Burse it was simply second nature.

“I’m not extraordinary,” said Burse. “I’ve assumed that people do those kinds of things all the time.”

In summer 2014, Burse, who is president of Kentucky State University, gave up $90,000 of his almost $350,000 salary so that 24 of the university’s lowest paid workers could earn $10.25 an hour. The move gave them a 40% pay increase.

“I don’t mind giving up some of what I have been able to obtain through life in order to be a small help to them in their own lives,” Burse said.

Burse’s help didn’t end there.

The 63 year-old…

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