Styling Guide for Short Ladies

The Fashion Foot

Too many times have we short ladies walked into a store with the intention of buying that cute outfit we spotted on the mannequin, but nine times out of ten, it doesn’t fit! Either the pants or the sleeves are too long, the shirt is too baggy, or the dress just doesn’t fit properly. It is frustrating to say the least, but as long as you keep these tips in mind, shopping for clothes will become a breeze since you’ll know what elements to look for.


The first tip is obvious – wear heels! Keep in mind that these don’t have to be anything outrageous like 6-inch stilettoes, but even a small heel or wedge will add extra height without making you look disproportionate. Another way to add height is to wear your heels in a nude color that is similar to your skin tone. This adds length because…

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