Suge Knight Arrest Again Reinforces Thug Image of Black Males

93.1 WZAK

Suge Knight Mug

*First it was fallen rap mogul Suge Knight’s arrest for murder. Second the alleged murder took place in Compton. And third, it was rap.

This is the perfect dysfunctional storm to get the tongues clucking again that Knight, rappers, and by extension young black males are hopelessly ensnared in the thug life.

At first glance, it looks bad. Knight and his Death Row Records have been in or near the center of a lot of mayhem over the past few years. There have been murders, and their murderers in almost all cases were other rappers, or their friends, or the associates of rival rappers. There have been well-publicized brawls at parties, at nightclubs, in recording studios, or while sitting in their cars. There are the celebrated killings of rap big wigs Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG.

Now there’s Knight who’s accused of running down two men in a parking lot…

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