Michigan Man Arrested For Threatening To Behead NYPD Officer Who Choked Eric Garner To Death

Atlanta Daily World


Alvaro Eduardo Guzman-Telles (pictured) is reportedly being accused of threatening to behead New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo, the Caucasian cop who placed an unarmed African-American Eric Garner in a deadly chokehold last summer and who was not charged in his death, according toThe Detroit News.

The Detroit-area man is accused in a federal indictment of making the threats, then reportedly posting them in a public forum—his Facebook page—for all to see.  The case has been turned over to the FBI and according to the branch?s Special Agent Juan Herrera. 

Guzman-Telles posted the following threat on his social media page:

?I’m going to personally kill and behead Daniel Pantaleo. This is a written threat and has to be taken extremely seriously.”

Pantaleo was the plainclothes officer who on July 17 of last year jumped to place Garner in a chokehold takedown move when he went to arrest the father of six for peddling loose cigarettes in Staten…

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