Dear White People: Simple Comedic Satire or Complex Real-Life Drama

The Uppity Negro


If you’re black and want to go to an HBCU, go watch “School Daze,” if you want to go to a PWI, go see “Dear White People.”  If you’re white and have no idea what I’m talking about, go watch both movies.

Justin Simien’s directoral debut “Dear White People” was and is a refreshing look a race relations through the lens of a privileged millennial generation.  Set at the predominantly white institution (PWI) of fictional Winchester University, this movie that premiered as an indie film at Sundance 2014 was billed as a satirical look at black and white race relations on a college campus.  Earlier this year, “Dear White People” made major news with the memories of parties with “hip hop” as a theme or “Mexican” as a theme where white college kids took the opportunity to don black face and wear apparel that stereotypically caricatured whole races…

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