#BlackHistoryMonth Paul Robeson (April 9, 1898 – January 23, 1976) So I was going to write something up for Mr. Robeson and then I stumbled upon this awesomeness and it sums up this gentleman & scholar extremely well. It is an excerpt taken from the National Archives. “How many people do you know who are athletes? How about an athlete who has won 15 varsity letters in four different sports? An athlete who has also played professional football while at the same time being valedictorian at his university? Does this athlete also hold a law degree? How many scholar-athlete performers can you name? Concert artists who have sold out shows around the world and who can perform in more than 25 different languages? Does this scholar-athlete-performer also act in Shakespearean and Broadway plays and in movies? Can you identify a scholar-athlete-performer who is also an activist for civil and human rights? Someone who petitioned the president of the United States of America for an anti-lynching law, promoted African self-rule, helped victims of the Spanish civil war, fought for India’s independence, and championed equality for all human beings? Did this scholar-athlete-performer-activist also have to endure terrorism, banned performances, racism, and discrimination throughout his career? Paul Robeson was all these things and more.” Look him up. His story is an impressive one. #BlackExcellence


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