Louisville Policeman Arrested For Punching One Teen And Placing Another In A Chokehold While At School

Black America Web

Jonathan Hardin (pictured) was reportedly fired from his post as a school resource officer at the Olmstead Academy North in Louisville, Kentucky, after he was arrested and charged with assault, official misconduct, wanton endangerment and false swearing charges, according to WHAS-TV.

As of Friday, it’s the fifth complaint against officer Hardin.

The 31-year-old law enforcer is accused of punching a 13-year-old boy in the face with a closed fist, after he spotted the child cutting a lunch line. The alleged incident took place on January 22 of this year.  After striking and injuring the boy, Hardin then cited the child for menacing and resisting arrest—which according to police procedures was not warranted.

Five days after the punching incident, Hardin was involved in yet another altercation at the school.  The school patrolman allegedly placed a boy in a dangerous chokehold that momentarily cut off his blood flow and caused him to…

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