When “Precious Lord” Doesn’t Lead Home

The Uppity Negro

Beyonce Precious Lord

Beyonce’s rendition of “Precious Lord” fell rather flat at the 2015 Grammys.

That’s a commentary that didn’t make it into many news stories the day after.  Most stories used descriptors as “resplendent” and “emotional” to detail what the artist did in her rendering of the classic gospel piece.  Social media, particularly the eponymous Black Twitter, didn’t necessarily agree.  Black news sources almost universally were in agreement that she didn’t deliver.  There were comments within black social media circles that Beyonce lacked the soul-stirring delivery that many of her iconic predecessors of singing this song usually possess.  As Beyonce stood in the center of the stage, struggling with one or two notes, wearing all white as did an all-male chorus behind her, sans wind machine, it felt somewhat out of place.  Something about it was performed wrongly.

Perhaps that is where some of the negative criticism has its genesis.  Sacred…

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