8 Places You Need To Check Out During Black History Month (LIST)

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giphyAunt Viv said it best…

As we embark on Black History Month, there are plenty of people, places, and things to explore and discover far beyond what we were taught in elementary school.

And while we’re thankful for the history (albeit brief) we received in grade school, it’s up to us to understand that the buck doesn’t stop with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Truth is, black history is everyday. And with so much of it hidden between the seams of America’s tapestry, it becomes an adventure learning about the men and women (and children) who played a part in enriching our communities.

So thumbs up to our teachers and parents for educating us about George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks, and other pivotal civil rights heroes and inventors, but there’s always more around the corner.

The frigid winter may tempt you to stay indoors, but take the time out this month to step outside…

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