Mother Burns 3 Biracial Children Alive Then Calls Her Husband So He Can Hear Their Screams

She should fry in the same manner



Mom Burns Daughters Alive Then Calls Husband

A mother allegedly burned her three young daughters to death and rang their father to say: ‘Listen to their screams’.

Via Daily Mail reports:

Madysson, six, Abbygail, four, and Oumy, two, died in the blaze at their home in the small town of Lennik, Belgium.

Their mother Thioro Mbow, 35, allegedly killed her children in an arson attack after locking them in a shed on Wednesday and burning them alive – while forcing her husband to listen as they died.

She added: ‘I can hear their screams but I will do nothing to save them.

‘You’d better hurry but you will be too late to rescue them. They won’t survive.’

Mr Ulin immediately called his sister, who lives nearby, in a panic and asked her to hurry to the family home.

When she arrived at the scene, she found their charred bodies of…

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