After 24 Years Of Unfair Imprisonment, Man Sues The State Of New York

WRNB 100.3 Philly

jailDerrick Deacon was convicted of murdering teenager Andrew Wynn in 1989. It wasn?t until 2012 he was given a re-trail, then in 2013 was finally freed. Deacon spent 24 years in prison for a crime he didn?t commit, and now he is suing the state of New York for $25 million.

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The crime was 25 years ago. Deacon was at the scene of a robbery in an apartment building in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Prospect Lefferts. Over two decades later when a trial was immediately granted, it was because an FBI agent conducted a search and a Jamaican gang member revealed an affiliate for Wynn?s death, a witness recanted her statement. Reportedly, it took the jury only nine minutes to acquit Deacon, ending his 25 years to life sentence.

He?s suing for unspecified damages. He told…

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