Community Rally Together To Support Family of 9-Year-Old That Took Own Life

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Community comes together to support family of 9-year-old that took own life

Family and friends are mourning the tragic death of a 9-year-old boy.

Zomarion Dunbar was found dead Friday night, having committed suicide according to police.

?His sister, Zanea Dunbar, found him hanging from her belt,? said Athena Dunbar, Zomarion?s mother.

The family told us that he got into an argument with his slightly older cousin and then told his 11-year-old sisister something that nobody wants to ever hear. He said that he wanted to kill himself.

The family says that Zomarion never talked about suicide. His family wants to alert people that this could have been anybody?s child.

?She hasn?t failed her child as a parent, it?s children have minds of their own and we never know,” said Fatimah Jackson, Zomarion?s aunt. “That?s why as parents we have to pay attention to our children.?

Detroit police say they…

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