Despite Criticism Obama Is Right Not To Say “Islamic Terrorists”

Black America Web


Even by their standards, The New York Post was tacky for Friday’s cover, which features a blindfolded President Obama saying, “Islamic terror? I just don’t see it.” To his credit, Obama is correct in his assertion that we shouldn’t refer to terrorist organizations like ISIS as “Islamic” given that doing so legitimizes the notion that the West is at war with Islam itself.

Former President George W. Bush virtually felt the same way. Yet, Obama’s thoughtful, nuanced take on the complicated issue of religious zealots bastardizing dogma to excuse terrorism resulted in conservatives responding in usual fashion: with hyperbole, cluelessness, and xenophobia.

That’s not surprising given the likes of Bill O’Reilly—apparently Brian Williams’ old war buddy—is out here calling for a Holy War with ISIS. When you are paid to pontificate and pander, it doesn’t pay to endorse reasonable thinking with a similar perspective.

Then, there is the…

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